Holly is a true-born Bavarian who learned at a very young age to shake it a dirndl and play traditional Bavarian instruments. However, her roads eventually led her to the urban wilderness of Berlin, where she picked up traditions of some other kind. Today, she is the fabulous, sexy singer of The Pin Sharps. Also, she’s responsible for the creative design of the band’s logo, merchandise, website, flyers, and posters. Obviously, her parents are traumatized by her new way of life and ‘all those tattoos’ – but hey, that’s what happens when you take a country girl to the big city.

Lily is the band’s chatterbox, but her original Berlin-Brandenburg accent turns it into the cutest chatter in the world. Strangely enough, she doesn’t like to talk on the phone. Ever since founding the band together with Holly Rose she’s been slapping the upright bass and singing (back) vocals –. Lily is also responsible for the band’s management and booking. If you’re looking for trouble, don’t mess with Lily! She has plenty of experience in karate and boxing.

Sven There is nothing else to say ...

Mr. Unknown ... coming soon!!